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This page is but a small sampling of faux finishes and decorative finish projects completed over the years.  We've had the privilege and pleasure of working in some the finest estate homes and businesses in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee,  and the South East. We specialize in faux painting and decorative arts, from faux marbles and faux bois (wood) that will fool even the most expert eye, to  custom creative finishes that will delight the most discerning clients. We paint everything from concrete to canvas and work across the entire gamut of products used in faux finish painting and decorative finishes.  Each job is truly unique and approached with the client's decor,wants and needs in mind, but with an Interior Designer's eye and an Artist's creative mind.  This combination gives us - the client and me- endless options to create a perfectly unique and one of a kind space that is designed with function, beauty and with the customer in mind!   This is achieved by really listening to the client as ideas are presented to make sure the client's vision is guiding the process and the final product.  This guarantees a space you will love for years to come.  It is never based on design fads, but your specific space, taste, and home. 

You can see the work of our painters all over the Atlanta area in restaurants, spas, retail spaces and the state capital.  Call Pamela's Painting to assure you have professional painters on the job!  What project  you have in mind for our professional artist and painters? 

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Faux Painting, Decorative finishes, and Design are just some of  services provided  at Pamela's Painting ATL - Decorative Art & Design Studio. I started faux painting and experimenting with custom wall finishes in 1990.  One of the things that sets me apart from most faux and decorative artists is the combination of  natural creative talent developed over many years into an artistic skill.  You get the benefit of passion, natural talent and developed professional skills working in estate homes and high end restaurants and businesses.  

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Our goal is creating the most unique and perfect custom faux finishes for walls, ceilings, niches',  furniture, floors,  and canvas in  people's homes, business, churches, schools and daycares. From the simple to the lavish, we've  put the perfect creative touch on them all. We can work with almost any budget.  We've happily done all  of this and more for  more than 20 yrs.  With that kind of experience you know you're in the hands or professional painters and creative artist.