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Common Questions about Faux and Decorative Painting and Design Services

I'm not sure what I want. Can you help with color and decorating ideas or direct me toward the right faux finish or look?

For those that just aren't sure where to start. We offer simple color consultations A color consultation usually takes about 2 hours and helps pick appropriate colors for your space or spaces. We can work with you to help you "figure out your style", or suggest the perfect custom colors and finishes to accomplish the look and feel you want.

I see a faux finish I really like, but I want it in different colors. Is this possible?

Yes this is possible. The colors and faux finish combinations are limited only by our imagination and are almost limitless. From custom wall finishes to custom cabinetry, we can recreate that look in custom colors created to perfectly match your personal decor. No two faux finishes are ever exactly the same. There are always variations that make each finish unique and made just for you!

How do you price jobs?

Each faux finish and custom finish is unique and the price is determined by factors that include the size of the space to be finished, complexity of faux finish chosen, the amount and expense of materials needed, physical difficulty, and timeframes that have to be worked around and considered. We will provide a quotation after reviewing the details of your project. All projects are priced up front. So, there are never any "surprises" after the project has started.

Why is faux finish painting so much more expensive than standard painting?

Regular painting or straight painting is about production and goes quickly. They give a 30 minute to one hour bid, pick up paint, and can start the next day if scheduling permits.  An experienced painter can cover more than 300 sq.ft per hour. There is little or no taping, using a handful of standard materials,,tools and equipment to cover large areas at a time. With straight painting you pick the color/s and the painter shows up and starts. They are very good at production and speed once you choose your color/s. 

Faux, decorative, and custom finishes on the other hand  starts with a consult that rarely goes under and hour and often runs into two hours looking at samples and discussing the project details.  If it's a large project a bid can take a couple of days to research and put together. If everyone agrees to go forward with the proposal, then faux finish samples are required.  The products required for one faux finish or one project can come from 4 specialty stores from all over town.  A large multi room project with multiple finishes can really run you ragged.  Whew, we've gathered all of the materials needed.  Now, time is spent in the studio creating a unique and custom one of a kind finish or three for the client.   On a good day a custom sample takes a couple of hours.  On an off day a sample can take a couple of days in the studio trying to figure out the perfect combination of color and texture for your perfect faux finish.  The finishes are also created using an endless combination of tools, trowels, stencils, scrapers, a range of hundreds of specialty brushes.  sponges, artisan and specialty tools. We also us layers of paint, plasters, metallics, beads, glitters, and proprietary products that are only available to professionals. Each project starts with the intent to create a one of a kind specialty finish created specifically for your unique space. Creating a perfect finish takes time in the studio teasing out the perfect combination of color, texture, and technique.  This is time that must be incorporated into the overall cost of  each project.  

Once started there is almost always more prep work required as we go or before we can even start. Each corner, ceiling and piece of trim has to be taped off and protected. This is required to ensure your finish is consistent all the way to the edges. Once we start, we can generally only cover 30 - 50 sq.ft per hour. Decorative and faux finishes almost always multiple include layers. Finishes range from one or two layers to 6-8 layers. The beauty of decorative and faux finishes is each paint or plaster finish is custom, hand painted, unique, and created just for you and your individual space.

To excel as a faux and decorative artist takes years of experience, continued experimentation and education to stay up to date on the leading trends, techniques, and products. My team has taken formal classes and are seasoned professionals that proficient in their craft. This allows us to achieve the excellence we expect and you deserve.

Do you do simple hand painted furniture or fine furniture finishes?

We do both. Some furniture pieces can be totally changed and updated with a simple hand painted color change or with a distressed paint finish. For fine furniture , that require a sprayed finish, we offer pick and delivery to our full service cabinet shop. There we can take care of everything from custom cabinet refinishing, antiquing, and distressing.

​For murals there is an initial design fee determined by scope of project and drawings. The actual price of the mural can only be determined after the amount of detail is determined. You will be presented with sketches for approval. Of course the more detail and time a mural takes the more the cost will be. You can often stretch a tight mural budget with good right planning of a few high impact images strategically placed throughout a space.

After the desired faux finish is chosen we schedule a start date for your project to begin. Most projects take 2 -7 days depending on the size and complexity of the project. Once work has started there is a charge for any changes or deviations from the original contract. If there are small change request early in the process, such as a color adjustment we will do our best to accommodate them. Changes in the scope of the project and change request that require additional time and/or supplies will incur additional charges. This is rarely an issue because we do large sample boards to provide you with a large visual sample that can be moved around the room and placed beside or with key elements in the room.


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