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Design Services had to be added after I often had clients call to request color consults and design services because "I really got them" when we had worked together previously on decorative and faux finish projects.  I've spent many years inside of the finest luxury and estate homes creating the perfect custom faux finishes. My design skills have been developed over years of studying both art and design.   Many years of experience makes me instinctively look around and make suggestions where changes can be made to enhance the home even more.  That would often lead to "What are your thoughts on?" other parts of the house and quick estimates were turning into 4 hour consults.  
We assist clients creatively solve problem areas that they are just not sure what to do with.  We offer solutions to clients that have small projects that may not meet the minimum requirements of a full service interior design firm or do not want or need all of the traditional interior design services, but would like to have a creative design professional help take their space to the next level.  
We take pride in creating the space you envision by really listening to you.  My job is to leave you with a space that YOU find relaxing, energizing, zen or any other style you can imagine.  All the while concentrating on functional design that enhances function where needed as well as the livability of your space.  We create your desired oasis to come home to or go to work every day.  
For clients that need more extensive Interior Design Services we can recommend several designers that we have had the pleasure of collaborating.  These are my favorite designers to work and collaborate with.