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After many years working to hone and perfect  my decorative arts skills I started to feel a little stale and not as challenged as I once was.  I really needed a new creative challenge. It took time experimenting with numerous mediums and styles to find and then develop and medium that really excited me and allowed me to truly escape as I try to master an un-masterable medium.  Learning to control and work with the inks and fluids has been a journey and study in texture, color and flow and continues .  I love the dance between light and dark, shiny and dull, metallics and glitters. 

​The following are some of my original art works.  Large scale fluid abstract is the art I love the most. These are the pieces that allow me to explore color and textures with purpose but being forced to allow the piece to ebb and flow into the unexpected.  Each large scale piece is a created using reclaimed wood frames and earth friendly art mixed medium fluid materials.  

The following originals and commissioned works are in private and corporate collections. 

 The following "Healing Earth" pieces are currently available..   Inquire about Pricing.